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    What’s new in this version: A new name—HP Smart—but still the same great app that you have come to love New, more user-friendly design Improved user experience--including for printer setup and scan Expanded help for scanning from your printer Minor enhancements and bug fixes

HP All-in-One Printer Remote

HP Smart (formerly known as HP All-in-One Printer Remote) helps you to set up, scan, print, and manage your HP printer. You can set up new HP printers, as well as monitor and order supplies.


  • Set up new HP printers and connect your existing HP printers to your wireless network.
  • Check supply levels and view error messages.
  • Connect to other HP printers on your network.
  • Start scan and print jobs.
  • Order original HP printing supplies, register your printer, and get HP support.
  • Perform maintenance tasks and change printer settings.
  • Launch HP Connected and access services like HP ePrint and HP Instant Ink.
  • Set Scan to Network Folder and Scan to Email options.
  • Run Fax Setup Wizard to configure fax settings.
  • Get help and tips for solving problems you might have using your printer.

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24 August 2016

Had to create a Microsoft account, then it wanted to send all my crap to "The Cloud" whatever that is. Then it tells me my security will be in question.....I just want to print some crap out! WTF


18 August 2016

this is good for office


12 July 2016

This app can never find my wireless printer. It says that the printer is offline even though all my other apps can find it. This has been an ongoing problem with HP printers.


11 July 2016

This sucks!!!!! I hate this printer and drivers. It always says that I have them but won't let me use them. WORST EVER!!!!!!


27 June 2016

I am just trying to hook up my printer...you know, the one that I already bought and paid for. I don't want any of your BS, I just want my printer to work on computer. I have had to "create an account" "create a password" "request a security code" "Enter the security code" and now you want me to buy a $19.99 app to use a device I already bought. WTF??????


25 June 2016



21 June 2016

I am still having trouble connecting the lap top with the printer, through the router. I have never been happy with this router, but it was free, so, I have been using it. You have to jump through hoops so to speak to get the lap top and printer connected. And it takes forever to do this. Thank you.


24 May 2016



23 May 2016

Not sure what happened. Now my printer is rendered useless. Can't get it to work with my Dell on Windows 8. All drivers are updated etc. Don't need another app or outside party getting MORE of my information to run a printer!!! What a waste of money and time. Here I have been sitting for an hour trying to print papers. I have yet to get this to work correctly. I shut down my pc and then the printer starts printing things that apparently were in waiting. Horrible from HP. I expected much better.


21 May 2016

What a waste of time. Just wanted to install a printer. had to sign up for Microsoft acct, still does not work. Why not just allow to download the drivers.

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