Illyriad - MMO Grand Strategy

** Critically-Acclaimed, Award-Winning Massively Multiplayer Epic Grand Strategy ** "Fantastic city-builder... a ton of depth, a great community... play at your own pace... perfect gameplay... absolutely wonderful Lore... the map is incredible... reminds me of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones - those great big epic stories." - Build a city, create an Empire! Forge Alliances with thousands of players. Craft and Trade 380+ resources and items in an entirely player driven market, across a vast, varied world. Battle in tournaments and wars against other players, or side with 100+ warring NPC factions and their 700+ unit types. Research 400+ technologies, and build 70+ building types to create your own specialised cities Gather exotic resources, craft rare items, master mighty magics, command thieves and assassins, settle new lands.... Illyriad is a strategy game of extraordinary depth and variety. With a great community, multiple paths for city specialisation, and frequent updates and new releases, this is a vast fantasy world where you can be the kind of ruler that you wish to be. Build, plan, gather, craft, trade, scheme and fight in this free to play strategy epic! "Solid and deep MMO play experience. This is certainly a sweeping, epic strategy game." – Independent Games Festival Judges "Very in-depth.... Different styles of play to suit different players. Large variety of troops, tactics and magic...." -


  • Editors Choice 2014 - Community Award - SlideDB
  • Grand Strategy Indie of the Year 2014 - IndieDB
  • Grand Strategy App of the Year 2014 - SlideDB
  • Players' Choice - Overall App of the Year 2014 - 2nd Place - SlideDB
  • Online Innovation Finalist - Develop Awards
  • Power Up Awards Finalist - Microsoft
  • Game On Notable Runner-Up - Mozilla
  • Top 101 free PC games - GameSpy
  • Top Massively Multiplayer - IndieDB

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5 June 2016

Brings memories still...


28 April 2016

this game is majorly AWESOME!!! I <3 it!!


6 April 2016

I'm enjoying this immensely, and pleased it's not a 'freemium" game. I've played far too many that require real money in order to actually succeed, and it's refreshing that I won't be penalized for being poor. Kudos!


24 March 2016

long waiting times but good people to chat with


23 March 2016

If you liked Europa Universalis you'll like this game. Pop in Global Chat right away and let everyone know you just started. You'll get a ton of resource shipments and advice from the veterans.


7 March 2016

At long last, something I can enjoy 'tis massive game, bigger than war of thrones.


6 March 2016

Finally a game with a learning curve, resource management. This is the most enjoyable game the surface can play


25 January 2016

This game is the best mmo ever!!!! Just read all the other positive reviews this game has gotten, along with all of the awards it has won. If you're into strategy and mmos please give this game a chance! It is so worth it!!!


22 January 2016

Like the people and love that I don't have to pour money in


20 January 2016

The detail of the game is unimaginable. Making a sword or spear, breeding a horse, and making 1 suit of armour for a unit. Its intense.

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