Map Pro

Jujuba Software Map Pro is allows opening KML and KMZ files on top of usual mapping tasks like searching, getting directions and browsing. On top of that Jujuba Software Map does all the usual map things: finding places, getting directions, just browsing the world....


  • areal map
  • road map
  • interacive map
  • directions map
  • KML and KMZ map overlays

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12 December 2015

It will open my kmz file but then it just drops everything and closes. Worthless


7 August 2015

The map portion of the program uses Bing maps. It has the ability to overlay map layers (kml, etc.), but they don't how up on the map. The ability for overlays is the only reason I needed the program in the first place.


8 January 2015

Why the negative comments? This places my .kml data nicely and correctly on the map. For free! I am happy with it. J


18 September 2014

Parsing Error renders app useless.


16 August 2014

Google earth is better, dated map data not close to current logging slashes or new roads


25 June 2014

I was working on a bid & part of the bid package was a kmz.file, this was the only free app that specifically stated it was for kmz. It downloaded in 10 seconds. I already had the locations Birds Eye view open on Google but I needed to see the overlays on the bid document, I panned out to center the site, I was already on the bid doc and there were the overlays! Not as detailed or as versatile as the full google earth suite, - you can't manuever in circles or change the view angle. But it worked


14 February 2014

Thought it would open my Kml and kmz files it don't ,may uninstall and reinstall maybe support will fix it windows tablets SUCK


29 November 2013

App cannot open kmz files from dropbox on surface pro. Absolute junk.


6 November 2013

Your map looks great but try adding printing to it


19 July 2013

Above is the message I get when I try to locate a town or city. "You can change this permission any time through the Settings charm" is the error message I get. When I go to the Settings charm, there is no way or where to activate the geolocation service

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