Modern Kamasutra

***The best sex positions*** If your sex drive is permanently stuck in the slow lane, give it a shot in the arm with any (or all) of these bedroom shake-ups.

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10 February 2014

Nothing but some cartoon with some text. Very simple


19 January 2014

la app es Buena pero creo que le faltan muchas cosas por ejemplo tiene que venir en muchos idiomas y traer mas info de las posisiones pues aca en pr .somos bien hot y nos gustan estas cosas y aparte que Deben actualizarla ya


11 September 2013

There are only about 20 positions and none of them are anything new or special. This app doesn't do anything with the content either. It only offers a single list of positions with a brief description. Don't waste your time.


7 August 2013

Even if you have no sex life chances are you have already tried these.


8 July 2013

rolf but i love to share my sm to full fill her lustful desires .... :9 lets just say "eyes wide shut - uncut version" ....mmmmmmmmm


13 June 2013

Done in good taste. Helps keep things fresh...if you're willing to be mildly adventurous and open to a little naughtiness.


6 April 2013

to uninstall go to your app menu left click it will ask to uninstall


20 January 2013

I was hoping for more positions to try than the ones listed. Will there be additions in the future?


28 December 2012

Tried everything even from Microsoft and nothing ....


24 December 2012

I'm not sure how hard it is to create apps, so I'm sorry for saying this. I've seen better sex apps. I wish I could uninstall it.

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