Reckless Racing Ultimate

The ultimate edition of the acclaimed Reckless Racing top-down racer series is here and exclusive to Windows 8. Now bigger and dirtier than ever! Download the free trial today! Race on a huge selection of road and dirt tracks, single and multi-player events, modded cars and trucks, and challenging game modes. Whether it's a muscle car in the dirt, a monster truck in gravel, or a dune buggy in the snow, if you can build it - you can race it. Tweak, upgrade and customize your car collection as you level up in your racing career. Earn your place on the Xbox Leaderboards in both Career and Arcade modes. Challenge your friends in a variety of multiplayer modes including 1 on 1 rally racing and fastest lap. Track your multi-player invites, and results on the go right on your Live Tile. Buckle your seatbelts and prepare to get Reckless!


  • Featuring 24 vehicles, 20 Career mode cups, 50 arcade challenges and over 150 customizable events!
  • Physics driven handling - Drift like a champ!
  • Play the free trial featuring 3 cup races, an arcade challenge and access to car upgrades!
  • Beautifully rendered hand-drawn environments.
  • Challenge your friends via Xbox Multiplayer
  • See how you stack up against the competition with Xbox Leaderboards
  • Earn gamerscore with Xbox Achievements
  • Touch, mouse/keyboard and USB Xbox controller support.

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8 March 2016



11 January 2016



31 December 2015

on this game you get to race around and you get to upgrade your cars in the best forms that you want so if you haven tried it yet then get stuck in and then just race


25 November 2015

game is so adventureous


2 October 2015

best game in the world


27 June 2015

My son and I play this almost everyday together and we have a lot of fun doing it. I like the car options, GUI and sounds. Comparing this to other racing apps for tablet, this ranks #1 by far. Great work pulling this together!!!


23 June 2015

Well good experience for racing and so happy five stars


20 June 2015

This game is just the kind of racing game I was looking for. Just perfect. Gameplay-wise, that is. I can't believe I have to pay additional fees for updates though like the drift mode and the gymka-something mode (both including more career levels and new cars). Why can't they just update the game without having to ask the people who paid to pay some more like the other devs do? It just doesn't seem fair. Other apps update for free. I would understand if this app was free in the first place, then I would pay for the additional modes, but this is just kinda insane.


25 May 2015

If you sat down and tried to create a more annoying game I just don't think you could. The arcade version is an exercise in futility after a certain point. Like many games, it starts well, drawing you in like the proverbial fly, but soon you see the web and no matter how you struggle you can't escape. You see, there is no resort for you; you can't get your money back. Here are my terms: you suck!


25 April 2015

This is so awsome

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