ShatterCaster: DoomSayer

The ShatterCaster: DoomSayer Module is a battle accessory for ShatterCaster: New Kingdom. The DoomSayer clock features the officially sanctioned times for tournament and regulation ShatterCaster play and is the planet's first and only match clock certified by the IOSC. During the match the Battle Master and DoomSayer will monitor your time. On occasion he will offer insight inside the Theatre of Battle and bits of lore when you are in the outer realm. Whether you are a master of the original contest of strategy and sorcery, a neophyte to the New Kingdom or a visitor from the realm of Chess, Shogi, Makruk or Chaturanga, the ShatterCaster: DoomSayer Module is a must have App!


  • All of IOSC 2013 Cheyenne Standards for Harsh Word
  • Live Tile Updates and Lore During Match
  • Full Score and Effects
  • Pause and Resign Options