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    ATTENTION WINDOWS 10 USERS: We have an all new SketchBook, built for Windows 10, ready for you here in the Windows Store. Search for Autodesk SketchBook in the Windows Store (or go to http://autode.sk/win10sb) and download to get huge canvas sizes, a completely rebuilt brush engine, enhanced color selection, better layer control, and much more. Pro subscribers, just log in to continue to get your subscription benefits. If you’re not a Pro subscriber, now is a great time to try out the full power of SketchBook in a 15-day free trial! SketchBook for Windows Tablets (this version) is no longer supported. If you are not yet on Windows 10, just visit www.sketchbook.com to download SketchBook for Windows 7 or 8. You can then use your Pro subscription in those apps, or start a free trial from there. Happy drawing!

Autodesk® SketchBook® for Windows Tablet

Autodesk® SketchBook® for Windows Tablets is a fun, professional-grade painting and drawing application. Specially optimized for touch and pen input devices, SketchBook delivers fluid pencils and sophisticated brushes in a simple and easy-to-use interface. Capture everything from your smallest doodles to your biggest ideas all in one place, no matter where you are. Visit www.sketchbook.com to create a free SketchBook account and to learn more about the entire SketchBook family of apps.


  • Designed specifically for both pen and touch input on Windows tablets
  • The entire screen is your canvas with a full screen workspace and unobtrusive user interface
  • Open and Save layered PSD and TIFF files for easy interoperability with other applications, including SketchBook for desktop
  • Control the finest details of your art with up to a 2500% zoom
  • Choose from over 10 preset brushes, including pencils, pens, and markers that deliver a natural drawing experience
  • Synthetic pressure-sensitivity
  • Sign in with a free SketchBook account and unlock the Layer Editor, Symmetry Tools, and more
  • Advanced Tools with a Pro membership
  • Pro membership: Choose from a comprehensive brush library with pencils, pens, markers, and brushes, including new Synthetic and Smudge brushes
  • Pro membership: Full layer controls, including rich layer blending modes; makes image manipulation easier than ever
  • Pro membership: Other workflow improvements, including new ruler guides, flood fill, and much more
  • Pro membership also unlocks complete access to SketchBook on Windows desktop, Mac, Android, and iOS, including all upgrades as long as your membership is active

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9 June 2016

I don't know why, but the tablet version is weaker and more frustrating than mobile version. Cannot turn off color finder (so anytime I kept my pen in the same couple centimeters, like drawing small circles, my color gets screwed up when color finder crosshairs pop up). Additionally, at least on a windows computer, cannot connect directly to deviant art, for challenges or sharing from app to deviant art website.... Makes this app highly frustrating.... Solve these issues and will give 3 stars.


7 May 2016

MSFT just doesn't get it. artists need to stick with apple.


27 April 2016

I have a x32 processer. Is there going to be a 32 processer version? cause if not...... I don't like this app anymore.


20 April 2016

Its pro version should be free


31 March 2016

everything's great! But, I cannot add layers! Please fix this layers are really useful and add a POP to your art, so I would love if you could add that. Five stars if I could! Thanks!


12 February 2016

I have this app on my phone, and it allows me to buy my brushes for 5 dollars, and it works amazingly well. On here, however, it asks for a pro membership and refuses to let me use the brushes and settings I paid for, even though I'm logged into my SketchBook account. I'd highly appreciate it if you could fix this issue or at least let me have the store back to rebuy them.


2 February 2016

I have drawings that are messy this is great to make your art pop!


10 January 2016

So I have this app both on my laptop PC and my phone, I bought the pro tools on my PC and I can use alot of features I can't use time lapse, symmetry, guides, selection but on my phone I have all of them??? Why?


3 December 2015

I love this but the only thing is that its hard to work with, and it doesn't have many things


13 November 2015

برنامج رااااااائع

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