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  • Published by: Bernardo Zamora ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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    v1.32 Xbox bug fixes v1.31 Xbox version with 20-game trial and no ads v1.30 Runs on Xbox One. Added High Scores. v1.18 Submit high scores v1.17 Bug fixes v.1.16 Option to remove ads by watching a short video, save settings and statistics even when reinstalling the game, several UI improvements, pauses timer

Solitaire HD

+6,500,000 downloads of Solitaire HD - THANK YOU ! Play the traditional patience game of Solitaire, also known as Klondike. Play the classic Solitaire you already know and love, with all the superb features, graphics, animations, sounds and options you would expect from your Windows tablet or computer, your Xbox One, or even your Windows Phone. The ultimate game of patience, including: - Beautifully crafted graphics - Multiple designs for the board and the cards - Your choice: move cards by tapping columns or dragging cards - One touch to automatically smart-move the cards - Double tap to autocomplete or finish a game - Global high scores - Three scoring modes: none, normal and Vegas - Option to play with One or Three-card draw - Choose hard or 'always solvable games' - Track High scores and Statistics - Use game in horizontal or vertical mode (for tablets) - Adjustable for left or right handed preference - Unlimited smart hints - Unlimited undo - Replay games - Reset statistics - Save and restore game in progress - Cool end-of-game animation - Pause timer - Also available on Xbox One and Windows Phone ! PC and Phone version have ads, and the Xbox One version has a 20-game trial and does not have any ads. Tell all your Facebook friends about the game, and Twitter about it!


  • Beautiful Solitaire graphics
  • Smart hints help improve your game
  • Drag or tap columns to move

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19 August 2016

My favorite game.


17 August 2016

Addictive game. I've played it for a few years. I like the one click moves,


25 July 2016

I like this game very much, but it has a lot of glitches. It kicks me off and often takes a long time to open. Sometimes it takes a very long time to move the cards. But when it is working well, it's great!


24 July 2016

Stuck!! Can't play. Only see 3Ace


14 July 2016

This game is the best we have found


6 July 2016

Best one I've played.


5 July 2016

the best


29 June 2016

Great gaame


23 June 2016

This is my favorite solitaire game. It will move as fast as you make the move and the colors of the settings are fantastic. There is so much more to this game.


16 June 2016

very easy to use - I love big cards

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