Sound Meditation

Stop your thoughts with help of sound, fall asleep easier or simply relax. Bring inner silence, joy, power and creativeness into your daily life using this app. Sound Meditation let you create compilations containing sounds like water, rain, waves, birds, crickets, ... Please read instructions given inside the app before performing meditation.


  • set duration timer for each compilation
  • pin any compilation to start
  • set volume and balance for each sound
  • mute any sound
  • set specific background for each compilation
  • detailed guide about how to meditate and bring better control of mind into your dialy life
  • create natural compilations using two type of sounds:
  • endless loops
  • one time sounds, which can be played at five different random intervals of your choice

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25 April 2016

I'm pleased with this app and I love that it plays in the background! I just started using it but it's pretty good.


24 April 2016

It's a great app......get's you on point and in your zone


22 March 2016

Great relaxing sounds. Very customizable.


28 October 2015

Havent listened to all of the tracks but so far ive enjoyed it.


6 August 2015

The thunderstorm is as tranquil as a summer storm.


25 July 2015

wonderful, I loved them all


13 June 2015

Its a good relaxing cd for me when I get off work and home along or when I had a good workout at the gym,what I really like about it,you get to create your on sounds, LOVE IT!!!!"


17 May 2015

Swell app...


11 May 2015

This app freezes my surface fix it.


7 May 2015

Trabalho com blogs e redação, estou usando o app pra me concentrar mais e trabalhar melhor. Ajudou muito =)

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