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    Version 1.6.4 ========== This is mainly an upgrade for Windows Phone users, plus some repeating transaction enhancements: * Live/Transparent Tiles for Windows Phone * Pin specific Accounts on Windows Phone * Pin shortcuts for adding expense/income on Windows Phone * PDF Export option for Windows Phone (Pro Upgrade required) * Handle software navigation bar on Windows Phone automatically * Updating/deleting repeating transaction now has an option to update only future transactions * Fix PDF crash on Windows desktop when using Transfers * Handle large font sizes more gracefully * Fix background of the Account picker when adding transaction * Fix currency formatting so it is based on Regional Format of device * Prevent excessive background flashing * Fix crash on startup for Czech users * Refresh Time Period shown at start of new Week/Month * Various other tidy ups

Spending Tracker ™

Spending Tracker is the easiest and most user friendly Personal Finance App in the store. And best of all, it's free! The simple fact is, by tracking your spending you will be able to stick to a budget and therefore SAVE MONEY. So give it a try and have instant control over your spending!


  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Flexible Time Periods (Weekly, Monthly & Yearly)
  • Overview of your current spending progress
  • Log Expense and Income quickly and easily
  • Budget Mode allows you to set a fixed budget amount
  • Repeat transactions daily, weekly or monthly (Pro Upgrade required)
  • Editable spending and income categories
  • Reports give you easy visualisation of where your money goes
  • Live Tiles keep you up to date with your latest balance
  • Keep your data safe with Dropbox Backups (Pro Upgrade required)
  • Export transactions to PDF & CSV (Pro Upgrade required)
  • Sync your data between devices with Dropbox Sync (Pro Upgrade required)

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9 July 2016

Very good!


7 July 2016

This app is so simple to use and it will help you to save money. Your bank does not do it for you. Run it for a month, then take a categorie such as shopping and look at ways you can say money just in this one step. You will be surprise. You will love this app.


5 July 2016

nice to keep track of bills on


26 June 2016

Suckity suck suckage!!!!!


14 June 2016

Very good to control expenses


2 June 2016

This is a well thought out app. Highly recommended for spendthrifts like me that want to put a leash on spending.


1 June 2016

I have just started using but seems to be easy and uncomplicated. Will not be sure until I have finished several months and may need the upgrade(?) I hope this is the program I need.


25 May 2016

No Category for investments; ie,Savings. A bit tedious having to enter the date for each transaction. I just started today so have yet to learn how useful it will be.


18 May 2016

absolutely useful, easy and helpful because motivates you to keep control of your expenses...


15 May 2016

Easy to use and Shows great detail.

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