Squat challenge

The 30 day squat challenge is desgined to tone your legs and butt. With just one simple exercise, which requires no equiptment, this challenge can be preformed anywhere and only takes a few minuttes of your day


  • 30 day squat challenge

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11 April 2015

with pictures the challenge would work much better


6 February 2015

I do nt do much excersize due to my routine life but I been seeing a difference while doing this challenge I like it maybe some tips or video links will help more and more motivating


3 January 2015

This works its amazing I love this app 💙💙😊


25 November 2014

It was taking effect.


3 July 2014

It's not that I've never done squats, but I've never made a concentrated effort at them like I am now with this app. (So far so good, today I did 125 squats!) I would have given it 5 stars, but there's so much more that could have been put into it, like reminders or entry levels - I haven't forgotten to do them, YET, and it would be nice to have started a little further along, like at 50 squats the first day. But all in all, a very nice FREE app! Thank you!


7 June 2014

Simple and effective. Downside is....just wish there were reminder notifications.