StockMap Lite

Portfolio tracking app that is both powerful and simple to use! Ad-supported and includes most of the features of StockMap. Stockmap Lite displays the heatmap of your portfolio on Live Tile and supports the widest variety of securities including stocks, mutual funds and indices, currency rates, currency conversion and both daily and long term tracking. StockMap Lite provides an alternative way to view your securities portfolio by displaying them as heatmap. Each block represents total value of the security based on its share price and number of shares. Color of each block is a varying intensity of green or red depending on how the price of the security has changed since the start of the last market session or since purchase. We put extra effort into supporting international markets. StockMap Lite formats the numbers based on your location, shows currency conversion table and allows displaying your securities in your currency of choice.


  • heatmap of your stock portfolio on Live Tile
  • supports stocks, mutual funds, indices and currencies

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15 April 2016

please stop the adds popping up on my screen. It is very distracting when I am trying to follow and execute stock trades. I have to stop what I am doing and click the close button. very annoying.


3 February 2016

useless: can't get my por.tfolio when opening app


24 December 2015

This app helps me see my positions without tradestationnopen. I love it


23 December 2015

great stock app


1 September 2015



7 August 2015

I want to take trial on stock market & commodities market chart and porpolio management for research on this market


29 July 2015



23 July 2015

Real time quotes, nice layout (tiles or list).


20 July 2015

fantastic app. got a dozen stocks, easy to load and has rolling counter. best freebie I've found.


20 June 2015

App looks great but you can't add stocks to the ticker, as a result the app is a waste

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