10ch countdown timer 0hour0minute0second〜99hour59minute59second Restaurent,Hotel,Cafe,Fast-food... Kichentimer,Cookingtimer,Holdingtimer... ①set ch1-time ②set ch2-time ③set ch3-time ➃set ch4-time ⑤set ch5-time ⑥set ch6-time ⑦set ch7-time ➇set ch8-time ⑨set ch9-time ⑩set ch10-time ⑪touch「Start」button. ⑫When timer is time-up,alarm will be active for about 8 second. ⑬If you want cancel the timer,touch the 「Cancel」button.


  • 10ch countdown timer
  • easy time setting
  • cancel button
  • time-up alarm
  • alarm test
  • hour-minute-second setting
  • with progressbar