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    Release 2 - Fixed bug linking to Store review

2150 A.D.

Popular Windows Phone space shooter now comes to Windows 8! - 40+ levels (constantly added) - 10+ different types of enemy ships. Each enemy ship features unique weapon system, visual design and AI behavior - 10 different weapons system to choose from (missile, bomb, electromagnetic bomb…) - Multiple types of missions. Missions have vastly different winning conditions and AI environment - Customize your vessel with 7 different upgradable vessel modules The "Empire" has launched a full scale invasion into our colonial state "Westgate" - our last defense before the home land. Our industrial and research bases are in ruins. A prototype vessel from our research lab escaped from the battlefield. It is our next generation war machine packed with the latest technological advancement in architecture and weapon systems, and YOU are the captain of the vessel...

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28 February 2015

Now bad arcade action but really not much worth the cost. This being popular is a shame, shows how dry the windows store market is. Now don't get me wrong, its fun, but its just sort of meh. For the cost, this should be huge. 4 bucks? Maybe .99 id have bought it, but that's a pretty huge cost especially when looking at different markets. Android game store this would have to be free or .99 tp even be looked at, and while the windows store is dry, its also not the only option anyone has. Look elsewhere to spend this much


22 December 2014

Finally a game for surface that isn't pay to play. Just good clean arcade action. Support developers like this one.


1 September 2014

Please add traditional pc controls, I would be soooo happy. Thanks for a fine, fun game otherwise!


5 January 2014

Nice game - hard controls for mouse


2 January 2014

Cool game asteroids on steroids perfect little game to burn time up with


24 December 2013

Gather, shoot, upgrade your ship, perform certain missions. Not groundbreaking but very well-executed.


21 December 2013

I like it


30 November 2013

Good fun


24 November 2013

This is a reasonably entertaining game, but there are a few issues that keep it from being top notch. - The sound is often garbled and frequently skips - You and your weapons collide with the asteroids, but the enemies' don't, which is frustrating because the can't be used for cover. - Asteroids appear out of nowhere, which makes no sense - Getting to full health is difficult without powering up; it seems like you should start at full health at least at the beginning of a new level. - It would be nice if you could control your speed for more evasive maneuvers. Keep working on the app it has a lot of potential.


15 November 2013

little cumbersome for mouse controls

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