3ounce is a game where the main goal is to find your way around randomly generated mazes. Lead the blue cube around the maze in search for pickups, avoiding dangers and finally finding the exit. You will never run out of new mazes to explore due to random generation. Endless generation, endless mazes, endless fun!


  • Maze
  • Labyrinth
  • Random
  • Never ending
  • Puzzle
  • Random Generation
  • Random maze
  • Pickup collection
  • Physics
  • Impossible to beat

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6 April 2015

Great game that's a lot of fun. I have it on my Android phone as well. You never run out of levels because they are randomly generated every time. It's a great time killer. However, I wish there was a button on the keyboard to do 180-degree turns. On tablets this is registered by turning the device 180-degrees, but that obviously does not work for laptops.


25 March 2015

This is a fun simple game that has randomly-generated mazes and fun physics craziness. It's great that it works on both Windows phones and Windows and one purchase buys both.