7 Minute Workout Allows you to stay in shape by exercising for 7 Minutes per day. The workout is scientifically formulated and featured in the New York Times.


  • Timer for 7 minute workout.
  • Pause, restart.
  • Beep for next excercise.

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11 October 2014

It doesn't install


17 February 2014

It's nice to see the timer on the screen on my surface. But the app only beeps and doesn't appear to keep a record of your workouts. The phone app is much better. Someone speaks, letting you know what exercises are next and when you are coming on a break - very helpful when you can't face the screen. And the phone app keeps a record of your workouts. Overall, I'm a bit disappointed in this app for surface. But I do sweat!


18 January 2014

For this to be only 7 minutes it got me up and moving, I love it.


16 October 2013

its quick and easy and it shows pictures and has a timer. the perfect workout app for me cause it doesn't make me feel like I'm working at my own pace and if I want more of a workout you can just restart the sequence......very good app


27 July 2013

Workout in 7 minutes. Takes you through the steps. Perfect. Newly added sounds are great.