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    New in this version : --> Save files in your Dropbox from other apps using the FileSavePicker! --> fix a possible issue with the background agent --> fix the issue with loooonnng names ( more than 256 characters) --> Various improvements. New in the last version : --> Display your pictures in a slideshow. --> Now, you can display a list of the current downloads. --> A Live tile display the number of missed operations. --> Bug fixing Please let us know what you want next at http://8filesinabox.uservoice.com/forums/188387-general

8FilesInABox - Dropbox client

8 files in a box is a Dropbox client created by Infinite Square. You can share link to a file/folder, set files as favorite to keep them available offline. The app can also be used from other app to pick a file.


  • Access your dropbox files
  • Save files for offline access
  • Search files or folder
  • Share link to a file or a folder
  • Choose the language you want from the settings

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16 April 2014

While the app does what it advertises, there are major issues. You can edit a document; however, your edits will only show up on your computer when you open the document within the app. If you access Dropbox online or from another computer, your edits won't show up. If you share the document as a link, the edits won't show up. If you attach the edited document in an email, you'll get a message indicating that the document has errors and shouldn't be opened. Also, video and photos stored on Dropbox open very slowly within the app. I'll be deleting my trial version...Bummer...it was so promising.


1 December 2013

when uploading files through the charm it errors out quite often. very frustrating.


16 February 2013



12 February 2013



7 January 2013

Very nice interface and full featured. The only thing missing is a live tile with a file added/removed count on it.


17 December 2012

The first time I tried to attach my Dropbox account it crashed, although it appears I was able to do so. I have tried to use this app at leasat two dozen times-I am a hardcore Dropbox user and was very excited to use it-but it has crashed every single time, and I was able to catch a 5 second glimpse of the home screen only once. All I can say is...hackers suck-they are truly the lowest form of life on the planet.


27 November 2012

I love it


4 November 2012

Its a good app, but a bit basic. And it needs improvement on controls. I think it should open a file upon clicking/tapping instead of its current double-clicking/right-clicking/double-tapping a file to bring up the bottom menu bar, then clicking the open button. It also needs to allow multiple file selections and commands (open a group of photos for instance) as well as the ability to share a file as an attachment (photo in a tweet, zip in an email, etc.) from the Share menu in the charms bar.


29 October 2012

Very functional application. I'm not crazy about the UI colors, or some of the design ... but all in all it does all that I need it to. Except for being able to move files between folders.


17 October 2012

should show on the folder the date/time of the last update

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