A Impossible Game

Hard, Harder, Impossible! Do you think you have enough skill to beat this impossible game? A totally addictive and very, very hard platform game. This game tests you reflexes in several challenging levels. The goal of each level is to make it to the end. Sounds easy to you? It isn't. With the simple one button gameplay this game is easy to learn but really hard to master. With 7 totally different and challenging levels this game gives you hours of frustrative fun. What? The combination of fun and frustration doesn't mean any sense to you? Then you should definately not miss this game. Try it now and see what it really means to lose.


  • Totally addictive one button gameplay
  • 7 different and challenging levels for hours of fun
  • Play levels again to beat them all in only one attempt
  • Simple controls: Just touch, click or push the up button on your keyboard
  • Fully playable with free version

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7 March 2016

It should be "AN Impossible Game," not "A Impossible Game." Call me a Grammar Nazi, but it's true. It's been bothering me for years. But as far as the actual game, it stays true to its grammatically incorrect namesake. It's incredibly hard but super addicting. JUST FIX THE NAME!


2 November 2015

I wil do it again


25 October 2015

Its a really bland game, it could use more colors then orange, blue and black, I didn't run into any glitches and yet... the game is still boring, and it feels like there was no effort put into it at all, and no I didn't think it was hard or easy, I just got bored and quit, but I don't think it doesn't have potential, I think it could be a great game with more effort put in to it. over all rating... I'll give it 2 stars, at best.


4 October 2015

To hard. U need to finish 1 level to go to next. Its copying Geometry Dash.😠😠


7 August 2015

It's impossible because it plays terribly. Just another nock-off of the original.


20 July 2015

This game is fun for a free game, but its not the same as the one in the online demo. The soundtrack is different and the levels are shorter. That's not my complaint though. My complaint is that it kicks you out of the levels every so often. I've had many times when I was almost finished with a level and it would just go back to the main menu and I would have to start over. Very aggravating!! Also, sometimes when I go to land on the line, the square goes through the line and endlessly freefalls until you go out of the level. Please update!!


11 July 2015

It was fine before, but then suddenly it kept putting the square at the bottom of the line and kept play the dying sound. Also before this happened, everytime I jump 3 times it would return to the menu for whatever reason. This is a gigantic bug that will have to be fixed. Or else I am going to delete this game very very soon.


20 May 2015

Some major flaws occur within the game itself. While I do enjoy the game, the ads detract from the game itself as every time the ad changes it drops the frame rate enough for the click on tablet to mis-register or not register at all. On top of this issue that seems to affect play, level two currently has a flaw about 12 jumps into it where it refuses to register a click. Like I said, I enjoy this game but, I lose interest in games I have literally no forward momentum in if I cannot continue because of a glitch.


18 May 2015

OK let me be honest, I beat it with the help of an odd cheat, I one day play it and all of a sudden I unlock level three then level four, level five, six But with that cheat I had NO IDEA how to get past DEJA VU. This is a great game.


16 April 2015

Almost there, almost... there, almost...... there. Boom you died start all the way back at the beginning. In short add checkpoints or actually a checkpoint love the game but could use some work and additional features like recording what you did would be pretty awesome even better make a ghost feature so you can try and beat it. 5 out of 5 if this ever gets put into this game.

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