AC Biology: Introduction to Classification

Why not experience and do science rather than just reading about it! With highly interactive activities, you see it, do it, practice it, and apply it. Study organisms and learn to classify them right on your device. In Introduction to Classification, it’s your job to examine the features of insects and use them to create a dichotomous key and a classification system. In doing so, discover why classification systems are so important to biologists. • Use a library as an analogy to help understand the importance of classification. • Learn the practical applications of classification systems. • Identify unknown organisms based on their physical characteristics. • Create a dichotomous key for use as an identification tool. • Build a simple classification system and apply it.


  • Explore a fundamental tool of biology with an interactive set of exercises.
  • Create and apply your own dichotomous key to classify organisms.
  • Investigate challenging topics with step-by-step support.
  • Demonstrate what you learn by taking quizzes.
  • Want more? Check out the AC library in the Windows Store.

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11 July 2014

App provides a clear explanation of how things are classified in the biological world based on their features. Gives students the opportunity to classify themselves based on features with feedback on why incorrect responses are not correct, making it a positive learning experience. Multiple practice opportunities are provided in the app.