AC Physics: Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

Be actively engaged in how you learn some of the basic laws that govern science every day. Complete experiments, answer questions, make predictions, and take quizzes—learn science in a new way. Conduct experiments with balanced and unbalanced forces to see whether an object remains stationary or moves in a certain direction. Find out the simple math involved in calculating the net force on an object and predicting the result that the force will have on the object’s motion. • Watch how a tug-of-war game demonstrates balanced and unbalanced forces. • Discover what happens when two equal forces or two unequal forces are applied to an object at rest. • Find out how to calculate the net force of balanced and unbalanced forces. • Predict the direction in which an object will move after calculating its net force. • See why objects under the influence of unbalanced forces accelerate.


  • Test a fundamental physics principle in an interactive experiment.
  • Apply what you learn and receive helpful feedback.
  • See real-life applications of new topics being taught.
  • Demonstrate what you learn by taking quizzes.
  • Want more? Check out the AC library in the Windows Store.

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24 June 2014

Multiple opportunities to test predictions. Lets students experience lab environment right from their screen. Very realistic. Clear summary of concepts.