Active Fitness

Active Fitness is a fitness, health and GPS tracking app and social network of several million users worldwide! Great for running, walking, cycling, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, urban sports, such as skateboarding, scooter, watersports, kayaking, rafting and hundreds of other activities. Active Fitness motivates you by providing ways for sharing your activities with your buddies and friends. Active Fitness has 3D maps, leaderboards for any sports and activities and includes professionally designed training plans. Active Fitness supports Microsoft Band and wearables. Includes weight tracker. Enjoy and stay fit!


  • Personal trainer for many sports
  • GPS Tracker with 3D maps and pedometer included
  • Share your activities with your buddies, family and friends!
  • Training plans and personal trainer: stay organized and motivated
  • Microsoft Band support
  • Photography - exercise and take photos to share on Facebook, Twitter and more...
  • 3D and 2D Maps
  • Weight Tracker

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29 February 2016

Who are the people giving this app good reviews? Employees? I use it for skiing. It's now impossible to download tracks. Even though I can see the maps of my runs on my phone I cannot download them from the PC app. The runs show up, but the tracks do not transfer and therefore I cannot download my runs. The download button doesn't work at all. It's been like this for a few years and the support is not helpful at all. This is just one of many issues (for example, you cannot scroll through your activities). Very, very sad. This is, quite possibly, the worst Windows app ever.


23 February 2015

Sure would like to see this application become a Microsoft health partner and that way, would be possible to track these exercises via the Microsoft Band.


5 January 2015

Not what I wanted but was a good app.😐😊


2 January 2015

I was very irritated to find out (AFTER making an account), that this app isn't free like it advertised. Rather, it requires to purchase a training plan or purchase an unlimited pass to all training plans. The worst part is that the app does't even give you one free plan to start off with. How would I know if I want to pay for the app if it doesn't give me a trial? LAME. Don't waste your time with this app. MSN health and fitness app is way better and is truly free.


16 May 2014

Mouse and keyboard support are marginal. You can not scroll through your list of logged workouts, so you can only review the top 10 or so that show up on the screen. Unless you happen to be one of the few that make it onto a leaderboard, you can't view the distances you've logged in each activity type. For example, if you logged 500 miles cycling and 25 miles running, you won't be on the leaderboard for either of those so you will just see your total distance of 525 miles. Friend requests are kind of pointless, because there is no way to communicate with "friends" - even to confirm who they are and that you actually know them (I wonder, just how many John S there are).


30 January 2014

Installed on my Nokia 822 and surface. after going cross country skiing tried to upload the gpx file to my surface, but it wouldn't work. Also can't delete past event to start a new event. Looks promising but needs work.


26 January 2014

Worthless for tracking progress. Wants to charge you for anything inside the app.


17 January 2014

Great app


9 January 2014



8 January 2014

Keeps my New Years resolutions!

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