AdditionBlocks Free

AdditionBlocks is an award-winning, fast-paced, addictive puzzler that will test your addition speed and skills. Simply click on connected digit blocks to sum to the falling target block. Add quickly, or the target blocks will stack up! Or can you earn enough medals to unlock the hidden level? From ...there comes a time when [block and puzzle games] can be harnessed to deliver something new and groundbreaking. Case in point: this app, which won last year’s STEM Video Game Challenge for its sheer ingenuity on trusting the player to come up with the solution on their own rather than relying on cheap paid bonuses. And it practically forces you to brush up your math skills, too! Now, what game can be more nobler than that?


  • Multiple speed and difficulty settings
  • Over 25 achievements
  • Unlockable special blocks
  • Hidden Levels