AE Blackjack

Love casino games? The famous table game in casinos Blackjack comes back now! Real and clean design, awesome vivid sound, as well as smooth game play, which give you a real and addictive Blackjack experience. Tap chips to bet, tap deal to start the game. You can swipe up from chips to place max bet and swipe down from the betting place to take back all your bet. Special bonus gives you some extra chips to play. You will get 100 free chips every 1 hour when your credit is less than the maximum allowed free chip. Achievement is the place to review your history and be proud of yourself. If you like Roulette, Baccarat, Solitaire, Spider, Video Poker, UNO, Texas Poker, Card Ace: Casino, Slot or dice game, you shouldn’t miss this game! Get it now! Please email us any feedback and comments, and please remember that we can’t reply you through comments. Thanks very much for all your support in our games! Good luck!


  • realistic UI and game play
  • achievements and badges to keep track of your play

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18 October 2015

Not a bad time waster. Not sure how compares to the real thing.


1 February 2015

like a casino, tables with higher limits open as you win more. awards tropheys for various accomplishments.Just a really good blackjack App.


27 January 2015



21 January 2015

Enjoy the game. Very realistic in that the player and dealer can go hot and cold.


31 December 2014

bad wins! can't wins! cheat cheat all the way till ur chips are gone! Never let u wins more to keep your chips for a week or so! Wasted of time to play... No thanks to recommends more....


29 December 2014

Actually I would like to give it 4 and a half. I like to play blackjack and I am always on the lookout for a good game and so far this one fits the bill. The interface is easy to read and the game continues at a steady pace. I will play this game again and I will recommend it to others. Just beware. The dealer gets blackjack about every third try and according to the stats it keeps I was a winner 40 percent of the time. by my calculations I believe that number to be a little high. Other than that it will challenge you as it has for me and I will play it until I can beat the game and the odds. It keeps your stats for you


27 November 2014

Don't like the time wait its a game I'll never pay for chips We're done


5 November 2014

great app. on my mobile device you can also play online with your friends


11 September 2014



7 September 2014

It a good game to play. Pros: easy to install and play. Cons: It seems that the house win percent is tilted a little on the high side, so much so, as they seem to want everyone to buy chips all of the time. Takes away from the enjoyment.

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