Ages Of Hope

Ages Of Hope is an exciting arcade style shooting game that follows the story of an alien race who has to protect their homes and planet from unknown invaders in space ships. As you work through the levels you will find out more about the invaders, what they want on your planet, as well as the race you are protecting. This game was built specifically for Windows 8 and you only need to tap or click anywhere on the screen to shoot your weapon powered by hope at the various types of invader spaceships. As the hope of your race grows so does the power of your weapon. You will have hours of fun trying to save your planet, and it will be quite a task to save all your buildings, while trying to beat your high scores. Check your updates for new chapters (Free). I appreciate your support and feedback. I read and respond to all suggestions and inquiries.


  • Original Story
  • Exciting Game Play
  • Replayability
  • Easy Controls
  • High Scores
  • Unlockable Levels
  • Long Levels

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4 July 2013

fun game - loved it


27 June 2013

I loved this game so much! It was very entertaining with the 4 levels. I will be waiting for more games to come out. :)