AirWatch MDM Agent

The AirWatch MDM agent is a device management solution that enables you to secure, monitor, manage and support your entire fleet of smartphones, including Windows 8.0 / RT. The agent works only in conjunction with the AirWatch console. It will be used to enroll an end user into AirWatch MDM. This enterprise solution provides your IT department a simple and integrated way to manage all mobile devices in your company, allowing you to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance your technical support. Click to activate the agent: 1) Download and install the AirWatch MDM agent for Windows 8.0 / RT through the Windows Store. 2) Once installed on your device, complete the enrollment using the server URL, the Group ID, user credentials and instructions provided by the IT department of your company. 3) When this is complete, the device will be enrolled into AirWatch MDM. If you need assistance or have problems with the AirWatch MDM agent or other services, please contact the IT support for your business.


  • Mobile Device Management
  • Asset tracking and policy enforcement

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19 January 2016

No setting>workplace


17 April 2015

This does not work with Windows Surface Pro 2


4 March 2015

I can't seem to get it to work with Windows RT. Over all it is more difficult to install and administer than BES or Goodlink. it's a shame because they are owned by VMware and I expect a better product from them as a heavy user of VMware and as a stockholder. I did get it to work on an Android device but was still not as easy-to-manage as setting up an ios device. overall device management from a mdm standpoint is clunky and not so easy to navigate. Overall it sucks and VMware should have given thought to buying BES.


27 February 2015

AirWatch on Surface Pro does not work. I have it and use it on my iPad with no issues. However, it will not connect my surface pro device.


15 January 2014

The app is simple and gets the job done. Awesome job Airwatch. Finally my Surface RT and Surface Pro are first class citizens in our Airwatch MDM.


29 August 2013

Good one but can improve ...


18 May 2013

No workie