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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    • New - New CoverFlow. • New - left/right arrows added. • New - Syncronize from Library and/or external device. • New - AAC Support (ITunes) • New - About Page now in Charm • New - Album Art in Toast notification • Fix - XML related errors

Album Flow

Album Flow allows you to choose and play tracks from your music library by presenting your albums in an intuitive flow of album art. Flick to scroll through the flow of albums to choose one to play. As you change album the list of tracks will be updated, allowing you to play a track. • See albums in your music library - Album art is shown in a flow across the top of the screen • Find an album by scrolling left and right through the album flow - Smooth 2D effect when changing album - Albums are sorted by artist alphabetically - Track list with durations shown for chosen album - New CoverFlow added in version 1.2 • Play or Pause tracks - Starts tracks playing in the background - Progress bar to show progress through current track - Countdown timer of length of track left to play - Supports the following music formats : MP3, M4A, AAC and WMA • Integrated into charms for search - Search by albums or artists - Only matching tracks shown in the flow - Syncronization Settings • Toast notification on track change - Keeps you up to date with the current track playing - Album artwork in toast notification • Live tile shows the last played album • Music Synchronization - Automatic synchronisation when the app starts - Choose to sync with either your music library, SD/USB device or both - Manual synchronization available from the app bar


  • Find an album by scrolling left and right through the album flow
  • Integrated into charms for search
  • Toast notification on track change
  • Music Synchronisation to pick up new music

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24 March 2015

This app is extremely slow and crashes every time I try to use it. Uninstalled.


6 April 2014

I checked my syncronization settings and it was all set up right, but none of my music synced. Not recommended.


15 February 2014

What an awesome app!


8 May 2013

Only thing missing is playlist selection kind of sucks you can only play one album at a time or the ability to play all songs shuffle and repeat


11 April 2013

-ve rating Waste of time. Syncing takes ages and doesn't complete. Doesn't search any music on my portable hard disk.


5 April 2013



25 March 2013

it works specially to hear music in sd or usb, but needs much more to be a truly good music app.


27 January 2013

Would like to have a volume control on the screen.


18 January 2013

works nice, syncs with SD so no need to use internal disc space for media !


12 January 2013

I would love this if I could add playlists and search by song, album or artist.

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