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    Update (v.1.8.1) for All About Money includes: - Windows 8.1 version - Responsive layouts for common screens - Better global search - Return of export feature! - Bug fixes for purchases and license validation, totals in zoomed out views. Update (v.1.6.6) for All About Money includes: - Bug fixes for sync, schedules and import page grouping/sorting Update (v.1.6.5) for All About Money includes: - OneDrive data sync (automatic and manual) - Sync history - Bulk categorization and tagging - UI refinements on transactions page - Minor bug fixes Update (v.1.6.4) for All About Money includes: - Usability improvements to adding new transaction - Bug fix for tags to not require every transaction to have at least one tag - Minor bug fixes with selection of menu item in navigation bar - A new button to 'add tags and recurrence' in QuickAdd, makes it easier to find the add/edit transaction screen. Update (v.1.6.3) for All About Money includes: - Bug fix for tags not saving. Update (v.1.6.2) for All About Money includes: - New and improved import feature, with in-place editing and associating categories! - Bug fixes for filtering - Fixing memory leaks that happen when you have lots of data - Automatic crash recovery for some scenarios

All About Money

All About Money is the best personal finance app for Windows! *** Now with data sync via OneDrive!! *** All About Money helps you manage your money in a fun new way. - Track expenses, income and savings - Schedule periodic transactions - Analyze spending by category or tag - Review trends and find where to cut down on spending - Sync your data across Windows 8.x devices See where your money comes from and where it goes. It's all about your money!


  • Summary dashboard
  • Add / update / manage / search transactions
  • Import transactions from CSV
  • View spending by category or tag
  • Scheduled transactions
  • Manage your own tags
  • Advanced reporting with charts
  • Sync your data across devices via Onedrive

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10 June 2015

Requesting to add Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)


28 May 2015

I am fully satisfied


24 February 2015

great but wish it was on android


4 January 2015

I haven't seen the option of exporting the data... I think it's crucial and should be implemented imediately. You can lose everything at a system crash/upgrade/reinstall. Overall looks good and has enough features. I'd add a settings where you could change the currency and possibility to customize the Categories not only tags.


24 September 2014

I think this program is amazing. I only wished it had a password protection.


13 July 2014

Used it for about 4 months and yesterday. Boom. All data was gone. Glad I didn't pay for it.


3 June 2014

the app says its free in the store but when I was digging around in it I found out that certain feature need to be paid for this is what I call a FREAKING SCAM ATTACK. in my personal opinion, if you say its free then it should be totally free without hidden charges that are going to bite you in the rear just for looking at the app the wrong way, if you know what I mean


2 June 2014

Great idea developed by amateurs don't waste your time with this one.


22 May 2014

lets see what we can do now


2 April 2014

I like this application very much. Its simple and easy to use, and the display is eye catching and attractive. My only issue with this application is that when it calculates your income and expenses it shows up in the report display as a rounded off number, always to the nearest dollar amount. I would think that anyone using a money management app would want to see and exact reference of there cash flow and not a rounded figure. I know I do at least. Other than that, no complaints.

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