Animal Detector

Animal Detector is a fun and free fingerprint scanner app that tells you what animal spirit is living inside of you based on your biometric fingerprint readings! You can even share the app with your friends so that all of you can have the confidence in knowing what animal rages within you! How many times have you looked into the mirror and, although you technically looked human, you just knew you were actually a raging beast inside? If you're like most people, probably at least twice a day. With the animal detector fingerprint scanner, you will never have to wonder again. One quick thumb print scan and you will finally discover what your true inner animal is. It may surprise you! Animal Detector is meant for entertainment purposes only, and does not actually have the ability to scan your fingerprint. Or tell what kind of animal you are.


  • Get in touch with your inner beast using this thumb print scanner!
  • Use it to play jokes on your friends or family!