Animal Sounds

Animal Sounds is the best application to teach the sounds of animals to your children! While playing and having fun, they will learning as well!


  • Easy: 25 animals
  • Hard: 57 animals, including Ghost, Monster and Dino’s
  • Practice all 57 animal sounds
  • Use the settings pane to hide the Ghost, Monster and Dino’s
  • Colorful graphics

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16 December 2015

We sat and played for a solid hour..... very nicely done.


11 July 2015

my grandkids like it


2 July 2015

This is a great app for my grandchildren.


30 June 2015

I love tricking my grandparents.


27 April 2015

My 15MO old love it


19 March 2015

My 2yr old love this game it help her learn all the animals


17 February 2015

I like this game


9 July 2014

She will be 3 years old in a few months and is really enjoying this app. She is not familiar with ghosts, and keeps referring to the ghost as a flying saucer based on the sound it makes. As someone else mentioned it might be advisable to redraw some of the animals as it is isn't exactly clear what they are.


12 March 2013

Not all the sounds work


11 February 2013

My little one learnt it really fast and she is an ace in it. Very we'll designed, simple yet super effective. One very minor thing. If possible change the shape to more realistic ones as sometimes even I can't understand what animal it is😃

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