Archer Camp Strike

Stunning 3D environment. Archer observing all the circumstances of the kingdom. After a deep observation they suggest a mission. You go in the secret area of enemy with bow and arrow. No doubt this mission is very tough job for you. Be careful and save himself from dangerous enemies. You should practice before fighting with dangerous enemies. If you want survive long time you should kill the enemies efficiently. Short Description: Clever enemy are hidden in the center of forest. Get aim and release arrow and kill enemies. How to play: - Zoom in and out in order to view properly. - Press Archer button to release arrow and kill all enemies and clean area. For Windows Tablet: - Touch screen on your phone to view in all the dimensions. - Aim enemies and click on arrow button for releasing arrow For Windows PC: - Use the mouse cursor to view in all the dimensions. - Press the left mouse button for releasing arrow to enemies - Use right mouse button for Zoom in and out in order to view properly


  • Middle Age Environment
  • Practice of real Archery
  • Smooth Arrow Control
  • Easy to Play
  • HD High Quality Graphics

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