Aristotle Collection

The Aristotle Collection offers a wonderful reading experience for a really low price - a total of 9 Aristotle books are now under one collection, all with modern features you would expect - easy navigation, a large variety of layout customization, fast page transition, bookmarks, search, table of contents, etc. Books list: - Metaphysics (Translation by W. D. Ross) - Nicomachean Ethics (Translated by W. D. Ross) - On Dreams (Translated by J. I. Beare) - On the art of poetry (Translated By Ingram Bywater) - Politics - A Treatise on Government (Translated By William Ellis, A.M.) - The Athenian Constitution (Translated by Sir Frederic G. Kenyon) - The Categories (Translated by E. M. Edghill) - The Ethics of Aristotle - The Poetics of Aristotle (Translation By S. H. Butcher)


  • Customizable Layout, Colors, Fonts, One and Two Column Landscape Orientation
  • Search, Bookmarks, Chapters