Arkkanoid 8

Arkanoid 8 is a classic ball & brick breakout game, where playability is King. Use the paddle to break all the bricks in the level and rush through the 200 levels!


  • Classic gameplay!
  • 200 levels.
  • Medal system.

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1 June 2016

Also it could give out more power ups for extra lives because there is only 3 and some more energy power ups or whatever they are called for people who choose not to purchase more. The most lives I've had so far is 6,that's it, and I have had this game since April 1,2016 and because of that I can't progress in the have more lives then a cat medal.


8 December 2015

almost like the arcade game. reminds me of playing when I was a kid.


9 August 2015

Wish you could control the paddle with the shift keys


21 July 2015

Suggestions: click to release ball; some sort of key to the power-ups. Other that that, nice looking game.


11 June 2015

Great game. I really enjoy it. Lots of fun.


6 June 2015

It is a good game but you should get more then 3 lives and wen you have to go out I think you should get have to buoce the ball up and you will be on the next level.


26 May 2015

Not a bad game but needs a makeover badly!


22 May 2015

very challenging


7 February 2015

I love this game. It plays like The original Arkanoid Revenge of DoH. The game play is improved. You have move control of the ship. I like to flip the seen to portrait made the display is bigger. Unfortunately Some times the screen gets stretched the wrong way. It gets long the wrong way and does not fit on the screen. This could be an issue with Microsoft's drivers. Thanks for the game.


15 December 2013

uses to much ram will remove

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