Army Cargo Helicopter

You are assigned to operate Army Cargo Helicopter, Its the most advanced heavy transport machinery and vehicles in the world, You are a custom weapon transporter in Army. Manage and control combat support services including cargo, personnel, battle tank, dangerous goods, warrior infantry missiles, fighting sniper shooter guns, fuel tanks and tactical arms to and from the battlefield and base headquarter. Experience the ultimate modern military cargo simulator game. Your survival is at stake. Save lives of innocent people, fulfill your duty. Your task is to load the world craft nation military helicopter with all the weapons, guns, bombing and armed equipment, deliver it to the war-ridden area and rush to the army airport. Use your driving skills to pilot the transport aircraft to the heroes warheads in Warfield in this cargo flight game. Do not smash your vehicle or crush people while you park it on the parking spot. Escape your crazy fears! Your country is under attack. The troops need mighty pilot drivers to help them in this chaos while they defend their kingdom and innocent lives. The crime fighter police cops squad are working with the swat commandos and lethal force legends to strike the enemies and survive the kingdom war. The army truck, tank and duty officers need a transporter pilot to handle all the luggage delivery job. Get hold of the steering wheel and put on the seat belt. Load & Unload high value military material. Maneuver your chopper carefully through shooting bullets, counter terrorist attacks and bombings to the battle line troops and bunkers. Steer massive military helicopter safely to the destination. Its a new a exciting helicopter flying sim game. Take Control of realistic Chinook army helicopter, which is totally based on realistic physics. Improve your flying skills. Take charge of modern military cargo transport helicopter simulator in war struck city and provide relief material through rescue helicopter. Emergency has been declared and people are waiting for the cargo planes for survival, so put your transport skills to test and steer the best plane and rescue helicopter available in chaos and mayhem. Fly your army transport cargo chopper from one army base camp to the other by avoiding every hurdle that comes your way. Get ready for some action in the army base. Help brave army soldiers with the battle in the war zone.


  • Modern war theme & realistic physics with smooth control
  • Real 3D environments, with multiple camera views
  • Amazing vehicle simulation
  • Realistic military flying & Parking Simulator Games Experience
  • Real Driving & Parking Skill In Challenging Levels
  • Modern military helicopters To fly Through military Base Camps
  • Challenging missions