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50% OFF special offer! Art Text is a vector design app for creating sophisticated title art for Powerpoint presentations, logos, icons, web graphics, and buttons in an intuitive, easy-to-use touch interface. Some ideas for using Art Text: ●  Catchy headings for promotional brochures and fliers. ●  Unique titles for PowerPoint presentations   ●  Logo for a new business venture ●  Web graphics for a client's site Customizable Templates The Template Gallery in Art Text comes packed with fully customizable templates for headings, buttons, icons, and logos. When in need of a quick solution, simply choose a template, shape it to your needs, and enjoy the results. Bend and Warp Text Bring text to life using over 20 adjustable vector transformations. Wrap text around objects or just give it a unique look that stands out. Materials, Textures, and Fills You can give design elements any look you want in Art Text. The collection of materials give objects a realistic metal, glass, or plastic look. Art Text can also give letters and objects a radial or linear gradient fill with up to three colors. Add a gradient, stroke, and shadow to text to get some striking typography. Work with Vector Graphics The library of vector icons and shapes gives you a full palette for designing a company logo or graphic for the web. You can also customize them or create your own from scratch using the powerful Vector Editor.


  • 100+ Fully customizable templates
  • 130+ Shading materials
  • 170+ Image textures
  • 110+ Vector icons and shapes
  • 20 Adjustable vector transformations
  • Multiple layer support

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2 December 2015

Awesome app. Use it mainly for beer labels, easy to use.


20 November 2015

wont stay open long enough to even get a wordart done. it crashes more than anything ive ever seen .. horrible and not worth the money.


13 November 2015

The app crashes everytime I spend hours on creating a document. do not download complete waste of time. I wouldn't even give it one star.


29 June 2015

There are a lot of times that on Windows 8 and 8.1, the ap would crash or would fail to open at all. I deleted and reinstalled it. Hopefully you fixed that bug. Also it would be awesome if I could import graphics into this ap to make logos. I would pay double for that feature.


8 May 2015

This app would be very good except that it doesn't save! Every time I save a document it just eats it and I can never get it back! Kind of defeats the purpose of making anything! Very unhappy customer!


2 April 2015

I used to have Art Text 2 before on my mac. I recently switched to windows and saw this app available. absolutely horrible compared to what you can do for the one on the mac. need to update or do something for more in depth design options like the mac version.


15 February 2015

If you're like me and like windows apps with normal menus, etc, you probably won't like this app. I should have known when it was for Windows 8 only and on the app store. I have friends who use it on the Mac and the UI was much nicer, much more windows like ironically! To the author - please write a normal windows version, you will sell the heck out of it, don't buy in to the Windows 8 UI as the future, it's not going to happen.


1 October 2014

I use Windows 8.1 on my desktop PC, after hours of designing a logo the App crashed and deleted my work :( I was using the Paid version. I had saved multiple times but it corrupted the saved file. Designing features a bit limited, something simple like flip was not an option. I could rotate but not flip my images. I could not change the defaults, like when doing new text I could not change default Font or color. I could not copy and paste my layers. Mostly minor annoyances, but the crashing and losing all my work is a MAJOR issue.


12 September 2014

Program just crashes when I hit the Edit button both in the light version and the full trial version. I then bought the full version to see if it would fix it and it continues to just crash. I am using Windows 8.1 Pro.


13 June 2014

I have created some amazing designs, only to have them be unusable. I can load and manipulate, but when I try to export them, I get the error that I need to choose a smaller size. I have chosen a custom smaller size a tenth of what "small" renders, and it's still too big. I hope there are updates to fix these problems. In the meantime the best I can do if I want to use them, is a screen shot and then edit the resulting jpg in another photo program.

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