ASUS WebStorage

ASUS WebStorage is a cross-platform support application designed as a personal Cloud storage solution. ASUS WebStorage for Windows 8 lets you access and manage your digital documents, play music and video, and view pictures from your own personal online storage.


  • Access and manage documents from your own personal online storage.
  • Create notes, snapshots, video recordings, and voice recordings, or upload files to the cloud.
  • Keyword search in files with classified search results.
  • Simple sharing with friends through the share link.

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5 May 2016

WebStorage a cross-platform support application designed as a personal Cloud, ASUS.


25 March 2016

I like that there is a store app for WebStorage, but I can't figure out how to upload files. Much better then having to download the desktop app.


2 August 2015

I'm not sure what exactly caused it. Both times I tried transferring folders with numerous program files (.bin files, .exe files, etc.) it would crash. It would upload everything perfectly fine, but when you try to download them to another computer I think it tries to open/run the programs. Signed out of the other computer and my phone and closed out on this computer, tried to open it up and the download box came up right away and crashed it every time. I then completely uninstalled this app from my computer and re-installed. I started with something a bit easier this time (Seagate .exe file). I tried compressing the folder this time before uploading. Uploaded without a problem!! I got 90% through the download this time and it crashed, and continues to crash. I am not able to uninstall this time, as its not on the list. I deleted everything I could find for this app, and apparently I "already own this app" according to windows. I love my new Asus computer, but this app SUCKS!!!


7 June 2015

Sign-in window opens every time I turn on my computer, no way to stop it.


3 June 2015

den virker bare av og til


27 April 2015

not user friendly at all. Can't even figure out how to start


31 December 2014

do its job


9 November 2014

Well back top the drawing board


20 October 2014

It's 1 star because I cant give it a zero.. I tried to load docs in the 5G Free storage - it took photos but said my other files were too large (even though I only used 1.7G for hundreds of photos). Loading the photos was easy enough so I bought the additional space for 79.99 (at 20% off) that includes massive amounts of space available to 2 devices... Now when I try to upload - the first response is that my password/ storage ID is wrong... it also claims I am not connected to the internet (which I verified as incorrect each time this message comes up). So What's Up Asus... the clock is ticking and I can't use the service I paid for... and to top if off there is not contact number or help files to be found. I want my money and will find a better solution to keeping everything sync'd... btw how was I able to post this review if Im not on line????


28 September 2014

I installed this app on window 8.1on asustx300 notebook. I open app and it closedown in few seconds. this happens every time I try to open it. my request to Asus support to fix this problem.

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