Atari: Game Over

Companion app for “Atari: Game Over” on the Xbox. This app lets you chat with your Xbox friends, view director comments, and save your conversations with each scene. Note: You must download the app “Atari: Game Over” on your Xbox console to use this companion app.

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9 July 2016

I don't even play the game and all it dose is show the cover of the app. But I kinda like the pixel green guy whats the point of the game then. I don't even know how the Xbox company would allow this to be part of a Xbox app.


7 November 2015

This app doesn't open at all. It only force closes. THE END AND GAME OVER.


3 October 2015

get restore


5 August 2015

I download it over my desktop and laptop but the game wont start any one. JUST FREZZE WITH BLACK SCREEN ON "ATARI: GAME OVER"


6 July 2015

I didn't think there was a point


29 May 2015

the person should be arrested for fraud


30 April 2015

No fix has been patched in yet. Still cannot proceed past splash screen.


27 April 2015

I cant even get on the dang game it only stays for like 21 mins so freakin annoying


18 April 2015



6 April 2015

This is not a game. It is a game load page that never advances.

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