ATM Simulator - Educational Money Spending Game for Kids

Get the joy of taking money out of an ATM machine and spending it too! ATM Learning Simulator is a realistic experience for using an ATM, while many children are excited to use an ATM card when they go to the bank with their parents Sadly, not many parents will let their children carry out such a serious task. Before you can use the card, you have to set it up by entering your name and PIN code just like the real deal, allowing for the players to have a unique experience of the game. The game will allow children to experience the thrill of using a Card to withdraw money, and after withdrawing, the player can go to the store and buy things with the money. When you run out of money, you can visit the in-game store to get free money without spending any money! With the help of ATM Learning Simulator, children will learn the heavy responsibility that comes with having a card and how to carefully spend the money in their account with great care.


  • Spend the money you draw from banks at the in-game store.
  • Earn money from the store for free!
  • Realistic ATM simulation experience, set up your account and PIN for withdrawing money.
  • Colorful graphics to make the experience fun.