Avoid The White Tiles!

Note: It seems a small number of peoples games are freezing at start up. If your game freezes, snap the game to the size and then pull the slider all the way over to go back into full screen. This solves the problem. I'm looking into fixing this. V3 Update -Gave the menu screen a cleaner look -Birdy Flap Mode! Survive for as long as you can! Tap your fingers as quickly as possible without hitting the white tiles to get the fastest time! My score is 412, try to get a lower number. How to play: There's been a lot of confusion, so I will explain how to play a bit better. Tap the black tile on the bottom row ONLY. When you tap it, all the tiles will move downward...think Guitar Hero. Only the bottom row will register as tapped, so if you tap above that row, the tile at the bottom row will register as tapped. Look at the pictures to see it more clearly.


  • Widescreen design for an easier grip and quicker tapping.
  • Birdy Flap Mode! Survive for as long as you can!

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18 May 2014

when you get to about 449,nall of the tiles turn blue and you chat win. flappy mode does not work either


15 May 2014

It sucks soooø much


3 May 2014

I don't like this game at all


1 May 2014

Wow nice job sucking at making this


15 April 2014

Complete rip off, bad visuals, no keyboard input support


6 April 2014

This game sucks don't buy it


30 March 2014

This game is a waste of storage on your device. Its so boring and easy, just don't waste your time with it


29 March 2014

Has the overall idea of the game but needs to be updated to be like the game on android.


28 March 2014

game sucks don't get it