Awesome Logo

Awesome Logo is a Programming Learning app along with Turtle Graphics which is a vector based drawing. Logo provides the control to the functions and procedures while Turtle provides an interactive output of the script. Both the features integrate to help the user create different patterns, designs and fractals. We are trying to make a better and enhanced version of boring old logo. As we know that this language is very easy and quiet attractive for children but taught in rather dull way. Awesome Logo can be kids’ first programming language and they can learn programming with fun. This App has two modes namely Script mode and Puzzle mode. Script mode – In this mode, the user enters into an editor where he has to write multiple line script. In this editor they can create, open and save the script (the supported file type is '.lgo') and when they click on Run, it navigates to show the output. This output has a shell too where script can be written and executed when enter is pressed. Play Mode – In this mode the user has to predict the script behind the output as simple as that. The evaluation on the answer will be on the basis of matched script which can produce the output. Its an interesting part where the user writes the codes using basic logo language and then runs to check whether he got the correct output or not. So summing up we feel that this App would give an interesting and joyful start to coding career for primary age group children and starters.


  • Logo Programming
  • Turtle Graphics
  • Logo Puzzles

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10 March 2014



12 December 2013

This app is really easy to use, and fun to play. However, puzzle 8/10 is impossible to complete. My turtle followed the path all the way to the end, but it won't continue to level 9. It is kind of frustrating not being able to finish all the levels.


7 November 2013

I love the shell page.... script helper... (y)