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    This update includes support for Windows 8.1 as well as several bug fixes based on your feedback. Thanks for your feedback! ____________________________________________ Follow us online for news and sneak previews: Facebook.com/TrivialTech Twitter.com/TrivialTech

Backgammon Free

The #1 selling Backgammon for iPhone and iPad is now available for free with new and improved graphics for Windows 8.1! Move all your tokens to the goal before your opponent. Capture your opponent’s tokens to slow their progress! Test your skill against 3 increasingly difficult computer players. Play up to 15-point matches and track your statistics. Don't like the Ads? Try out Backgammon Premium for a completely Ad-free gaming experience!


  • High resolution! New and improved graphics for Windows 8.1!
  • Test your technique against 3 difficulty levels!
  • Move-Assist highlights available moves
  • 1, 3, 5, 9, and 15 point matches with doubling
  • Extensive game statistics

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16 December 2015

Way to many doubles for the computer! When the odds are down for the computer for moves - suddenly player gets low rolls and computer gets just the right roll and lots of doubles.


26 August 2015

Im playing the pcu? With the betting cube. We start at one. Midway through he raises the bet to two. I accept. I win the game. Twice. I should have gotten two points per game not one. Whats up with this game?


7 July 2015

Game gets boring quickly. After a few games you know the moves and winning becomes easy, 90% win rate even on hard setting.


10 April 2015

I would've given a zero if I could. This is the worst incarnation of the game. EVERY pip I had to leave unprotected, which with the dice rolls I was given, happened more than any other game I've attempted to play, the computer conveniently sent my pips back.


13 December 2014

I have been playing Backgammon for years. It's a great way to keep sharp; it exercises the brain. I love this game! Excellent! Thank you very much. Bill Schleigh


17 November 2014

if there were a zero rating, this would be the one. The cpu gets an unfair advantage nine out of ten times. The cpu gets way too many doubles and it always gets the numbers that will play. After this review, which is the first I have ever given any game, I will delete it.


20 September 2014

Please follow the Crawford rule: no doubling is allowed the game following when one player is 1 point from winning the match. Note: this is only for the ONE game! Scoring rules: a gammon is when one player has born off all his/her pieces and the other player has born off none. The scoring for a gammon is twice the doubling cube.


4 September 2014

Functioned well. Instructions were okay for a novice (actually, haven't played in over 30yrs). Didn't seem to follow the rules - computer never couldn't move a piece to the goal, even when the count wasn't right (UPDATE: I guess it was following this rule but it wasn't explained, or explained well, in the instructions). Seemed to be slanted to the computer - computer gets an inordinate proportion of doubles. Uninstalled.


4 May 2014

I got frustrated with how much "luck" the comp. had in the last backgammon app I was playing but I still like playing the game, so I installed this one despite the reviews as pickings are slim, but this game is worse. In the second game I played against the computer it rolled doubles 8-9 times! I understand the comp has an advantage over a human but it seems the game is programmed this way; I keep blaming the computer but it's the really the developer who's at fault. I'm not asking for an easy game just a fair one.


20 February 2014

All Microsoft games freeze, very frustrating

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