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    This update includes support for Windows 8.1 as well as several bug fixes based on your feedback. Thanks for your feedback! ____________________________________________ Follow us online for news and sneak previews: Facebook.com/TrivialTech Twitter.com/TrivialTech

Backgammon Premium

“Backgammon Premium [for iPhone] is the crème-de-la-crème ‘gammon” 9/10 AppAddicts.com The #1 selling Backgammon for iPhone and iPad is now available with new and improved graphics for Windows 8.1! Move all your tokens to the goal before your opponent. Capture your opponent’s tokens to slow their progress! Test your skill against 3 increasingly difficult computer players. Play up to 15-point matches and track your statistics.


  • High resolution! New and improved graphics for Windows 8.1!
  • Test your technique against 3 difficulty levels!
  • Move-Assist highlights available moves
  • 1, 3, 5, 9, and 15 point matches with doubling
  • Extensive game statistics

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2 November 2014

Like the game but a human vs human setting would be nice


10 March 2014



23 February 2014

I have been playing this game for about five months and have enjoy it. But it has become obvious that the roll of dice is not truly random but has been programmed to roll in the computer's advantage. Even in the opening roll to determine who has the first move, it appears as if the computer wins at least 70 % of the time and more often then not the roll is a 6-4, 5-3, 4 - 3 or 3-2 rarely a move to expose the computer "man" piece to a hit. Or at the end of the game the computer rolls doubles. But when I expose one of my pieces to an opponent, more often than not the computer rolls what it need to hit this exposed piece.


27 November 2013

When the game works, I enjoy it. But the interface with Surface is very buggy. It freezes the system all the time. Like 3 minutes ago & now will post this & then reboot.


27 September 2013

UPDATE: Scam move developer! You offer a free game and then turn around and convert it to Backgammon Premium trial. Bait and switch doesn't work for me - uninstalled. Original: One of the few backgammon games on ANY platform that is fair. My only complaint is that there seems to be a bug in the statistics - it shows the matches played as zero where I have play well over a dozen.


23 May 2013



30 January 2013

NIce game


5 January 2013

Typical, graphically decent game. AI is good... BUT! I swear there are periods where the natural dice roll is altered. 5 doubles in row?? Multiple times??? Also, the algorithm for doubling requires improvement - it seems that the AI only tales score into account. I can double the game with the first 6 slots blocked, be losing in points but with CLEAR advantage, and the AI will redouble. Minor issues, otherwise good.


8 December 2012

I downloaded this app before they sell them for a price. Saved USD 2.99!!!


6 December 2012

it's pretty fun good graphics

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