ACTIVE PROTECTION AGAINST BACK PAIN! Are you one of the 80% of people who’ve suffered from back pain at least once in their life? This new App developed by medical practitioners and physiotherapists will show you how to alleviate back pain all by yourself and – more importantly – even prevent it. BACKTRAINER BackTrainer offers a practical guide for people seeking to prevent lower-back and neck pain with the help of physical conditioning. The App features easy-to-do exercises that can be performed in gradual increments. BackTrainer’s videos and photos make all exercises easy to understand and perform without any exercise equipment. 7 TRAINING PROGRAMS The App contains seven exercise programs for general strengthening of the trunk muscles, including special training units for the cervical spine (neck) and lumbar column (lower back). BackTrainer is rounded out by a Speed Program that’s ideal for days when you don’t have time for a full workout. TARGETED LOWER BACK TRAINING A targeted training program for strengthening back and stomach muscles can prevent damage to the spine and intervertebral discs, and also alleviate back pain. The App’s exercises were selected by physicians and are demonstrated in detail by a certified physiotherapist. BASIC INFORMATION Along with videos for the individual exercises, BackTrainer also provides you with basic information on the anatomy of the spine, the significance of your trunk muscles, symptoms that indicate you should see a doctor, and other details that will increase your understanding of back problems and enable you to take active steps to prevent them. This basic information can be found in the App’s narrated animated videos that are easy to understand, even if you have absolutely no medical background. So start your personal anti-back pain campaign today with BackTrainer!


  • Active protection against back pain
  • Seven training programs
  • Basic information to increase the understanding of back problems.

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8 July 2013

Downloaded the trial version and the videos are not loading. The exercises though are nice. It lacks the "trainer" since is not that interactive :(


5 June 2013

never got a chance to use this app.


19 April 2013

no music , it seems useful , can you provide introduction in Chinese ? You know ,most people in China have problem with backs.


17 April 2013

DL trial late last night, tried to open app today, trial has expired before I ever opened it.


16 April 2013

Great videos and saves visits to therapy sessions, good work!!!


13 April 2013

usually when you download a program with a trial offer, you actually get to try out the program. this trial offer did not allow me to actually try out the program. do not understand. instead of labeling this program as a trial offer, it should have only said for purchase only! what a disappointment, thanks for nothing,,,,


12 April 2013

Like a couple others I downloaded the trial to use a few days later. Now the trial has expired and I haven't even launched the app. I was looking forward to using if for some prehab. I'm having surgery later and would like to strengthen my back and core properly. Needless to say I'm disappointed.


10 April 2013

It doesn't work in the trial version. Not ready to pay for it if I can't see the program. I think Microsoft is trying to be like Apple but not verifying if the apps even work. Hummmm !!!!!!


8 April 2013

Downloaded this earlier in the week in hopes of trying it over the weekend. Launched it this weekend and I was told my trial had expired. Never got to try it so I cannot give better than 1 star.


4 April 2013

5 stars if: Audio More time to prepare between each exercise Pause video Automated training schedule But worth to buy!

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