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    I tested in App certification kit it shows the result pass so i am uploading this package

Backup and Restore

Note: This is not an utility app but it instruct Easy way to backup your windows in the form of instruction OK backups helps you to protect against accidental loss of data. To safeguard your Photos, videos, Applications, Settings, and more data against accidental loss, create regular backups Microsoft Now offering best services Everyone Must download this and use backup and Restore feature to save your data


  • Backup and restore
  • Windows 8.1 Backup

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22 January 2016

Terrible program.


25 August 2015

I shouldn't have to start the computer from a 8.1 disk or USB drive. I removed this useless program.


22 June 2015

Right in the description, the author specifically states that this is a tutorial app. "Note: This is not an utility app but it instruct Easy way to backup your windows in the form of instruction OK" Where are the humans that actually know how to read? Isn't reading and writing taught in school?


11 June 2015

This app is a spam. All it does after "installation" is shows you how to do backup which is "built-in" windows 8, 8.1. Avoid. How to uninstall this crap?


12 April 2015

While I understood this wasn't an app to do the back up for me, it says it's instructions to do it. Great as I'm learning how to navigate Windows 8 so I'll take all the help I can get! But the words are so hard to read on the screen that even the instructions are useless! How this is app is even suggested by Microsoft makes me scratch my head! Don't was your time with this app, you are better off google searching!


18 January 2015

I think that this app is pretty simple. Hopefully, when I go not use it , it will work and stay this simple! I'll let you know!


7 January 2015

This is Windows 10 Preview I see a mask man on the screen but can't find any place to tell it what I want. Windows 8.1 let me work with it and I may have gotten a save of my data. Please don't make it so difficult to see what is happening. The scroll down bar was so difficult to find as it blended in with the screen that I didn't realize for some time that I had other things happening out of the window I was looking at. That could be the case on Windows 10 I just can't find it on the screen.


2 December 2014

It may have a professional logo but they are just terrible instructions written for Windows 8. Don't waste your time.


22 November 2014

This app is useless. It tells you where to find the built-in Windows back up and File History features (they're in Control Panel, duh). And it pops up ads. That's it. Guys who put programs like this on the Windows Store are a disgrace to the word, "Programmer". Do not install this app. You will be disappointed. It has no redeeming value.


23 October 2014

help me restore so computer will work

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