Balance Quest

Balance Quest is a Windows exclusive number placement game much like Sudoku! Challenge and exercise your brain with this unique and addicting math puzzle. Balance Quest features 345 total puzzles and a free trial of 15 puzzles. These puzzles are divided up into 3 different game modes each with 3 different difficulties. With something for every age and skill, Balance Quest will keep you occupied for hours. While you play error reporting helps you stay on track and the many editing modes make game play as fast and fluid as you can punch in the numbers. Balance Quest features a quick save and resume feature so you never lose your progress and syncs your game across all of your Windows 8.1 PCs. It also allows for customization by offering 3 different color combinations. Go ahead, try it out and get addicted to Balance Quest!


  • 3 Different Game Modes
  • 345 Puzzles
  • Quick Save and Resume
  • Syncing Across Windows 8.1 PCs
  • Error Reporting to Keep You on Track
  • Fast and Fluid Puzzle Editing
  • Auto Re-size - Play With The Game Snapped To The Side!