Balance The Balls New Edition

There is such a mess on your device's screen - let's clean it from rolling balls! Welcome to a really great game called Balance The Balls, master. Only a true pro can roll all the balls in such a small hole. Enjoy real physics effects, rotate your phone and enjoy this addictive challenge – really interesting and really relaxing! There are three game-modes is this game: you can try challenge mode or just relax playing zen-mode. Which one chimes with your mood today? You can also try secret maze game-mode - role your ball in the darnkess and try to escape this labyrinth! HOW TO PLAY: Choose your favorite game-mode, rotate and tilt your phone to move balls. Your goal is to roll all the balls into the hole. You’ll also find here different settings: ice, wood, grass, etc. Good luck! You can also try using special bonuces: Blue Ball – slows down the time for a couple of seconds, Yellow Ball – doubles your points for a while, Golden Ball – doubles the size of the hole for some time. Balance The Balls – so simple, but so amazing. Try different game-modes, roll all the balls, reach your high-score and compete with your friends in this challenge!


  • Different settings - everyone will find something for himself;
  • Real physics – just rotate your phone to play;
  • Time challenge mode – be quick;