Battle of Tanks World War II

In the history of warfare, few inventions command more respect - or hold the power to turn the tide of a battle - than a tank. Heavy, powerful, and deadly, the armored attack vehicles have carved out a place in the history of warfare. A fast paced action 3D tank war game with a mission to accomplish. Destroy all enemy assets while you find your way through the hostile enemy territory guarded by spread out enemy armored vehicles. A first time free experience of an action packed Tank battle mission. It is essentially a game where a single player-controlled tank faces-off in an enemy area while trying to decimate each other for survival. Your mission is to destroy valuable enemy assets including army vehicles, battle tanks and armored personnel carriers. Avoid enemy fires while you find your way through the heavily guarded enemy terrain. Challenge your strategy thinking, tank aiming, shooting, and dodging skills. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! How to Play/Control: - Touch and drag finger any where on the screen for tank movement and rotation in any direction. - Tank fire will destroy all enemy targets with a single direct hit - Keep an eye on the radar for possible mines


  • Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazing explosion effects
  • Military themed quality Army User Interface (UI)
  • Recreate the challenges and thrills of piloting a tank into combat
  • Unique maneuvering and attack sequences
  • Historically-accurate simulations
  • Graphically ambitious and impressive
  • Gives a refreshingly new perspective