Battlespace Commander

You are the commander of the last dreadnaught class starship. Your people have been driven from their homeworld by the AI, that ironically they themselves created, and now you are their last hope. You must battle the AI fleets long enough so that your colony ships can escape. To this end you have drawn the battle to the Horsehead Nebula where their vastly superior numbers will be less effective. Good luck commander - may your final battle be glorious! Instructions: - Tap anywhere to direct the ship. The turrets will automatically target enemy ships - Tap with 2 fingers (or right click) to activate a temporary boost - Tap the ship for the turrets to auto target the nearest enemies The game is an endless shooter, so see if you can get a high score!


  • Touch Controls for tablets
  • Microsoft Azure Services for Social Media Integration
  • Play in Snapped an Filled Views

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26 March 2015

Great way to pass time


5 December 2014

the game is horrible your ships is so slow in turning it is pointless there is basically no control of the game a total waste!!!


18 April 2014

Cool game but needs more stuff more weapons ships.


7 March 2014

Needs upgrade options to the ship and guns. Kills should give credits for the upgrades. Other then that good game.


16 January 2014

The enemy ships look like protons ships


1 November 2013

Fun game. Would like to see more to it. Yet more guns. Yet more explosions.


2 August 2013

wow it hi energy better than others could be better,


22 June 2013

Works very well on my Samsung Slate tablet with touch controls.


21 June 2013

I liked this game. The Graphic really awesome. But game play quite boring. :). anw, this is a good game. Keep working! Thanks!