Beat Booster

Beat Booster, the debut gaming title developed by Current Circus, is a fast-paced racing game that uses cutting-edge, motion-sensing camera software. The software, developed by Extreme Reality, tracks the 3D movement of the player, using just a standard webcam! Beat Booster uses full-body motion gestures to control and steer the player’s vehicle and weapons, without relying on a traditional, hand-held controller. From volcanoes to canyons, tropical forests to dark caves, players are launched into an adrenaline-pumping aerial course filled with obstacles and challenges – while straddling a 1500lb jet engine! Fight off opponents with sonic weapons and collect the much-needed energy along the way to boost ahead of the pack! Beat Booster contains over six exotic environments, and a range of different characters and vehicles. With a short and practical tutorial, you'll be up to speed and on your way though the game's 12 unique levels in no time!


  • Use your body to control the action!
  • Cutting edge technology to track your movements with just a standard webcam!
  • Boost, jump and shoot your way to victory!
  • Select your character, and choose your vehicle!

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12 July 2014

This game is fun, but it is almost impossible to select things from the menu because you have to move your hand around so that the hand icon is on top of the thing that you want to select. It doesn't always work properly, because a human has two hands. And, it seems that whenever you actually manage to get your hand on top of what you want to select, it always has to recalibrate, and then you have to start over. When I actually managed to get it to the first level, however, it was fun, but still didn't work properly, and constantly had to recalibrate. Do not buy it! It is not worth it!