Beat Boss - Electronic Dance Music Sampler

Instantly create incredible drum loops, synth melodies, bass lines and cutting edge sound fx from an evolving bank of sounds that includes: Dubstep Deep house Progressive house Drum and bass Technical Grime (Dubstep) Progressive Trance Euphoric Trance Big Room House Techno The sound pads are arranged in a grid to provide quick access for jamming ideas or creating electronic sounds that can be used in soundscapes. The user friendly interface makes it suitable for newbies and professionals alike. Customise the loop function and colour of individual sound pads. With eight different colours to select from, the user can highlight their grid arrangement making it easier to jam out ideas. Choose from one of nine drum beats and flesh out the mix or arrangement with basslines, sound fx, risers, and synthesizers. With six layers of different types of sounds, fans and producers can perform limitless arrangements.


  • 54 professionally produced samples including: bass lines, drum loops, sound fx and synths.
  • Loop function to hold pads on repeat, allowing for simplified layering of sounds.
  • Make the Beat Boss pad arrangement more memorable by assigning colours to sound pads.
  • 10 genres of electronic dance music included