BMI (New Formula)

Oxford researchers have proposed a new formula for BMI. So, are you fatter or thinner than you thought?


  • Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) based on current and newly proposed systems
  • Interactively show both BMIs on standard weight status categories
  • Supports both Imperial and Metric systems

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20 February 2014

Yes, I will agree that this does what a lot of other BMI apps do, however, it at least has a quality look to it. Some of these apps are thrown together to look like a piece of scrap paper with input boxes. Kudos here.


11 October 2013

Not as Reliable as the other BMI App which I have rated which provides you the US Government's Health Standard chart; but this App here is nondescript; I use both APPS together (not at the same time) for comparison but this one here is a 50/50 as it is not as reliable as you think it is ... CLOSE BUT NO COOKIE; at least it does not crash like the other APP DOES but I would rather uninstall and reinstall the other APP because that one is more accurate per AMA and US GOV.


2 August 2013

All this does is just use your height and weight to determine your BMI, which isn't overly precise. It's just like the other programs but has a new formula.


11 March 2013

The two display screens are all there is to this app. It's okay, I guess.


9 March 2013

Very accurate!


7 March 2013

Simple BMI calculator. Installed easily, easy to use.